translated from Spanish: Dalma Maradona: “the silver does not love”

a Twitter user criticized Claudia Villafañe: “all that is and has Maradona, not hypocritical semos gave it. If he lived in Villa Fiorito. They are what are the three thanks to Diego. That it was left with no other that engage their daughters is true, because he never had to go out to work thanks to Maradona.” And added: “luchonas mothers are coming out to work than it is to keep their children being alone.” I won me the sky, for years I have been fighting it honestly, working at six in the morning or night guards and never reaches me handle. And this woman, who left you all thanks to Diego, idolize it. I don’t know why, because only complied with its duty to raise their daughters and spend the money that was her husband”. Seeing this, Dalma came out to defend his mother and was accurate: “you want to communicate that my mom was never Fiorito, though it if there’s nothing wrong! She lived in another place with its two working parents, which nobody gave them nothing! And believe me that silver does not love, neither education nor anything like it! “.” My mom is not your fault that you have to go to work! Many people there are making! For my part, I wish you to if you have children you ever write him something like what I wrote to my mom. And that it not envide the life of another! That you do everything to have the best life you can! Good luck! “, the young woman wrote in a tweet. Dalma message to Claudia “I only write this to tell you that you were not going to achieve the life to thank you for everything you did and you do for me and for all what Amore! Much love, so much so little exposure! This ability to forgive even if you have been injured in the most atrocious manner! I admire you with every part of my body! “.”

Dalma Maradona and his mother, Claudia Villafañe

Original source in Spanish

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