translated from Spanish: «Nicolas Maduro is unknown to United States and twelve countries

photos / Internet Venezuela.-at least 13 countries of America, including United States, Canada, Brazil and Argentina, ignored the Government of Nicolás Maduro and supported to Juan Guaidó as» President responsible»for Venezuela.
The head of the National Assembly, opposition majority, proclaimed himself in office, as part of a day of protests by thousands of Venezuelans who demanded elections clean in marches by cities across the country.

Before God, Venezuela, swear assume the powers of the National Executive», he said.
After Donald Trump acknowledged via Twitter to guided as President, Nicolas Maduro broke relations with the US and gave 72-hour deadline for the diplomatic corps in Washington leave the country.
Mike Pompeo, Secretary of State for the EU, however, said in a statement that Chavez, to have been unknown to the Trump administration, has no authority to terminate the bilateral relations.
Mature maintains the support of the army, as the Navy force of Venezuela rejects the proclamation of guided, said Defense Minister Vladimir Godfather.
Yesterday, the President of the United States, Donald Trump, put a Tweet that forever changed the history of his country with Venezuela: «Today, recognize officially the President of the National Assembly of Venezuela, Juan Guaidó, as President of Venezuela». With that, he ignored the Presidency of Nicolas Maduro, as well as Canada and other eleven countries from the rest of the American continent.
In that sense ruled the Secretary general of the Organization of American States, Luis Almagro. «Congratulations to Juan Guaidó as President of Venezuela.» You have all our appreciation to promote the return of the country to democracy», he said via Twitter.
Two hours after the message of President Trump, Nicolas Maduro broke diplomatic relations with the United States. «Today, the imperialist Government of the United States runs an operation to enforce a Government puppet to interests. They intend to choose and appoint the President of Venezuela by extra-constitutional means», Maduro said from a balcony of the Palace of Government, accompanied by his spouse, Cilia Flores. Mature set within 72 hours to let the EU diplomatic corps abroad.
«EU supports President Guaidó insofar as it establishes a transitional Government and leads to Venezuela,» said the Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo.
Mexico confirmed that for the moment its diplomatic relations with Venezuela have not suffered any changes. «In accordance with our constitutional principles of non-intervention, self-determination of peoples (…)» Mexico will not participate in the ignorance of the Government of a country with which it maintains diplomatic relations», said the Foreign Ministry in a statement.
In their social networks, the Coordinator of social communication of the Government of our country, Jesús Ramírez Cuevas, informed that on the Mexican side, we analyze the situation prevailing in that South American nation, from Juan Guaidó proclaimed «President  Manager»in the middle of the mass protests against the Government of Nicolas Maduro, who returned on 10 January to take protests as President.
The Mexican Government analyzes the situation in Venezuela. So far there is no change in its diplomatic relations with that country or its Government»wrote Ramirez Cuevas on Twitter.
REJECTION of United States Canada Brazil Colombia Peru Ecuador Costa Rica Paraguay Argentina Uruguay Guatemala Chile Honduras back Mexico Bolivia Cuba waving Venezuelan flags, dressed in white many, multitudes of opponents demanded that Maduro cesar what called the «usurpation» of power and cry out for a transitional Government and free elections.

However, the Bolivarian national police intervened.
According to the non-governmental organization forum criminal in the last 48 hours of demonstrations, safety elements arrested at least 43 people, among them five minors are.
The director of the NGO, Alfredo Romero, explained that these manifestations have been repelled by the police with tear gas and Buckshot.
Mobilization also invited citizens of popular colonies, that long were bastions of chavism.
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