translated from Spanish: #NoDejenDeBuscar: the order of the world of football for Emiliano Sala

the official statement of the Guernsey police about the suspension defintiiva of Emiliano Sala in the channel search aroused bewilderment and concern of the relatives and friends of the player who asked with desperation the continuity of it, in just 72 hours of his absence. Immediately, Valentín Vada, Argentine player for 22 years, former teammate and friend of the Santa Fe, launched a campaign on social networks to the soccer world in the claim and will continue with the investigation. Quickly received the support of Diego Rolan, the Uruguayan who revealed the existence of the audio and multiplayer.
Who does not hesitate in joining was the Union of footballers around of France, which expressed itself in via Twitter in this regard: «UNFP joins professional footballers of France, that demand with force that the quest to find Emiliano Sala continues by» respect your family and relatives».
Nantes also joined along with several French players like Nicolas Pallois, former teammate of Hall, Thomas Toure, Angers, and the world with France champion and player of Manchester City, Benjamin Mendy.
Among other present, San Lorenzo was the first Argentine club to join this request with the message #NoDejenDeBuscarlo that has begun to circulate in the last hours. In this note:

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