translated from Spanish: Piñera joke on stage the U that it bothered Carlos Heller in the morning

the President Sebastian Pinera visited the morning «happy». He spoke on various topics, such as admission fair, Metro line 3 and even immigration policy.
Serious topics that as advancing the conversation, become «lighter», such as the relationship of the President with his grandchildren during the holiday.
Advanced conversation and together with speakers of the programme became a sensitive issue for many: the football.
Soledad Onetto asked the President about his favorite team. «The fans of Universidad de Chile and Universidad Católica, I tell them: the colocolinos we have envy, because we have never been able to win the second division championship», said laughingly the head of State.
Pinera has attended several morning television, but this time there was something different. The owner of the channel and President of blue, Carlos Heller, made its appearance in the Studio and called upon the President.
It is worth mentioning that Sebastián Piñera and Carlos Heller are close in the past. At the time, both were shareholders of Latam.
Heller Pinera questioned and told him: «you are from Colo Colo? I don’t think so. You are of the Catholic».
«I have all my life been fan of the Catholic but, for a moment, we engage in Colo Colo with a group of friends. «And note that Colo Colo won five championships and we got to the final of the Copa Sudamericana», said Pinera with his tone always.
Not content to clarify the situation, Piñera looked to Heller and decided to continue with the teasing. «When going to have Stadium U?», asked the President.
«When you help me to get somewhere, President.» If I receive, the stadium is done. You agree with me and I commit myself with the supporters of the U,»replied somewhat uncomfortable Heller and while those present laughing.
Relive the moment below.

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