translated from Spanish: What happened and what is happening in Jujuy after the expected death of her drink

the outcome on what happened in Jujuy, the girl from twelve first raped by a neighbor and then by the State that forced her to give birth to a drink that it was to have been aborted legal mind, continues removing water. Dilatation and the non-application of the ILE generated inside and outside the province opposing opinions and a lot violence in the speech against legal abortion. Last Tuesday the drink that it was born by caesarean section he died and the religious and conservative sectors were much angry with everyone involved, which decided that caesarean section is performed at that time. It should be noted that, until the self-evaluation of 700 grams dies, these same sectors increased their anti abortion speech, harassed jujeñas feminist and held spending above the will of the chiquita and above the law.   Today, with a different scenario, happen several things in Jujuy, province which leads, together with Chaco and Salta, the districts with more teen pregnancies in the country. The resignation of the Minister the Minister Gustavo Bouhid.

The Minister of health, Gustavo Bouhid, is in the eye of the storm. It was he who decided, and ordered that the application of the law will dilate to do a c-section the baby and to drink it is born alive. It was he who, from the first day, subtleties as a fervent militant anti-rights and held a series of meetings and put so many sticks in the wheel as they were required to perform such intervention to the minor without Royal consent. Let us remember that just arrived the baby to the hospital, she and her mother demanded that he is the Legal termination of pregnancy which should have been implemented immediately according to the Protocol to which adhere the province last April of 2018. 
Since that was not fulfilled, organizations and the women’s movement activists resolved to convene a national March on 1 February and demanded the resignation of Gustavo Bouhid as well as of the directors and heads of hospitals Paterson of San services Peter and Materno Infantil of the Jujuy Capital which denied an acquired right and raped all the regulations in force. In addition, indicated that legal presentations will be made and added measures such as a radio open where, in addition, gathered signatures for the resignation of Bouhid. 

Table in the pedestrian centre of Jujuy where seeking signatures for the resignation of the Minister. 

Mother, active girl of twelve years came with his mother to the hospital of San Pedro, there reported that his daughter was raped by a neighbor and also demanded that it applies the ILE. She was also commissioned to take the case to the media because the medical ignored his order. After pressure by the team of health and politics, mother accepted the choice of caesarean section although he refused to sign to drink in the civil registry and sent him a letter to the Minister also demanding his resignation. 
And the Governor? 
Although the situation of teenage pregnancies is critical in the North of Argentina, most of their leaders are anti-abortion.

Governor Gerardo Morales.

As a result of this conflict, the current provincial leader of Jujuy, Gerardo Morales spoke out several times about the situation of the child and authorized caesarean section performed together with the Minister. After the denouement, the official made statements to the press which said, among other things, that even though he is against abortion, “it should be have taken a step toward legalization, particularly in many cases of teenagers or situations unfair that they should not penalize”. In the same interview, Morales confirmed that everything they did was made within the framework of the law and of the protocols, while those who followed the case to ensure that it did not. “We regret very much what happened; He has complied with the law, with the will of the girl, the mother and all the compliant efforts have been made to all the protocols of the country to save the life of the girl, who was the top priority because it was a risk, and then the baby “, but things went wrong and the ends of both sectors are unhappy”. Ironically, this dramatic situation of torturta to a minor is presented by first, and perhaps only, as the case that put others divided according to two sectors. Both those who are in favor of legal abortion and those who are against, agree that the Minister and Governor should reconsider its actions. By the side of the national campaign for the right to Legal abortion, safe and free criticism is because the ILE was not applied at the time that should have been applied, and when the intervention was finally conducted, was a c-section, ergo a birth and not a real switch tion. By the side of those who militate against abortion, criticisms are because the caesarean section was premature. Apparently they point out that they should have expected some weeks to make it. ERGO, not do an ILE (although in this case wasn’t it because a c-section is a way to make a delivery), go against the law and force the pregnant baby product of a violation to be mother. 

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