translated from Spanish: Alleged huachicoleros assault to military in Edomex

Presuntos huachicoleros was attacked by soldiers in Cuautlacingo, Otumba, Mexico State. According to Sedena sources, there are three injured soldiers.
Attending a clandestine tap report, the military arrived on the scene, and according to early reports, in the illegal takeover had 15 shaped vans that carried huachicol.
Arriving in the area, troops were greeted rocazos by settlers and huachicoleros, who did not let them pass, according to the newspaper Reforma.
The military asked for reinforcements and began mobilizing to capture those responsible. The mobilization follows with a helicopter and ground.
Just on January 14 was found another outlet in Otumba at 189 + 200 km.
They disabled 14 Tomás La clandestine Federal police reported Friday that disqualified 14 clandestine outlets in the vicinity of Tlahuelilpan, Hidalgo, after receiving residents information about their location, reported this Friday Arturo Jiménez Martinez, Manager of the office of the Commissioner of the Federal Police.
Jimenez Martinez said that the shots were reported by citizens and there were no leaks, nor was necessary to lower the pressure in the pipelines.
Lee: Step by step in Tlahuelilpan: Pemex closed duct 4 hours once detected taking eleven of outlets placed Tlahuelilpan municipality and 3 in Tetepango, Hidalgo.
Jimenez Martinez said security across the network of pipelines of Pemex with personnel of the army, the Navy and Pemex.
President Andrés Manuel López Obrador said that the action of the Government in the fight against the theft of fuel is supported by the population. “There is an attitude of participation of Mexicans, there is no resistance, on the contrary, there is cooperation and the same people is that is denouncing the clandestine shots.”
Lee: Prosecution will be mentioned to declare military, police and civil servants by explosion in Tlahuelilpan Refirio vent before residents “they didn’t want to get by a number of considerations, make complaints, they are now helping whole communities, this happened “yesterday, in Hidalgo and happens elsewhere”.
At Conference, the President said that in the majority of the gas stations have maintained a reasonable fuel price according to the margin of utility that is established in the market, “fuel distributors have behaved well, in general, not been taken advantage of the circumstance, they are very few that have maintained high prices.”
And so the population identify the stations with the lowest prices, the Government relaunched the application who is who in gasoline.
The Secretariat of energy, Rocío Nahle, explained that the application can be downloaded in mobile phones with the name of Gasoapp, which helps you find the nearest petrol station and lower prices.
Also they will be launched the friends application, to locate lower prices of LP gas.

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