translated from Spanish: Ask citizen movement that Governor does not circumvent liability

Morelia, Michoacan.-citizens call for and look forward to a State Government that does not circumvent its responsibilities, and not to circumvent the critical voices of the citizenship and the organized civil society, said Luis Manuel Antunez Oviedo, national delegate of citizen movement in Michoacan.
By 2015, to create the citizen’s Agenda warned of the enormous challenges that represents Michoacan, as well as the high commitment that is needed to meet them, the Michoacan and the Michoacan require that there is a full time Governor, and with all the will and sensitivity to not let to grow existing conflicts.
This pointed out the crises of governance that exists in the State and the prolonged absence the Governor, had his trip to Spain, in a context that requires immediate attention to address and solve the problems that have affected Michoacan in recent dates.
Although there are signs of an early settlement and payment for education with key State workers, this conflict has been extended by more than one week and the effects that have been taken could have been avoided from the beginning, if you had reflected a real available for dialogue and find immediate solutions, said Luis Manuel Antúnez.
He said that still isn’t resolved this conflict given persisting blockades and protests by the teaching sector; teachers, rightly, maintained their protests because they still don’t have clarity when the commitments which remain unbalanced them will be released.
Likewise, the national delegate of citizen movement in Michoacan called sensitivity not only to State Government, but also of the federal Government, who also called to speed up relevant work tables to solve substantive problems that facing the education sector.
Source: Monitor Expresso

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