translated from Spanish: Congress must live up to to appoint the Attorney General of Michoacan: Sergio Báez

-Morelia, Michoacan.-with a call to parliamentary colleagues to put aside partisan flags, the local Deputy regeneration movement National, Sergio Báez Torres, said that the Congress of Michoacan should be at height in the discussion in plenary on a fundamental issue such as the appointment of the Prosecutor General of Justice.
Consider it a sensitive and delicate issue, the legislator terracalentano mentioned that the behavior of the rest of deputies cannot be of closure, as it did to approve the budget of receipts and expenditures of the State.
“What I want is that fractions are not closed as they did in the case of the budget, must assume the representation of the people in Congress, beyond the partisan interest”.
Baez Torres reiterated that the situation of law enforcement in Michoacan is critical, so you mentioned that you should get all the possible benefit to the new figure of the Prosecutor, so that the selected is a person who has all the elements to address the problem.
Therefore considered that the current Attorney General and candidate profile, José Martín Godoy Castro has not given good results, so the current fundraising apparatus must be changed.
“The situation is complicated, we have a high level of impunity and a unit of procurement that is not up to”.
Source: Monitor Expresso

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