translated from Spanish: Enzo Fernández: the summoned of Gallardo in River that revolutionized the networks

after the two consecutive defeats before defense and justice and Union de Santa Fe by Superliga, Marcelo Gallardo gave a return of rudder and decided to save several names for the next date of the local tournament. Once more, the snowman to juveniles and relegated to trying to change history. Even there, everything was normal. However, appeared the name of Enzo Fernández in the list. With several seconds of confusion, the fans thought it was a mistake in the account of the Twitter of the millionaire who wanted to introduce to Enzo Pérez and Nacho Fernández, but it is that you it’s a youth category 2000.

The central wheel, which already was 19 years old, worked in sixth in 2018 and in recent matches had had the chance to play some minutes in reserve. Once again, Gallardo commitment to the youth of the hotbed of River to shoot and the chance the boys play their first minutes at first, and over the Monumental.Pese to the elucidation of the connoisseurs of the lower of the River about Enzo Fernández It was already late so its name becomes fury in social networks, as well as memes as the combination of two of the most important players on the campus at the consecration of the Copa Libertadores 2018. 

Not be who is Enzo Fernández but I am already loving it – champion of America (@CeleeRiver__14) tell me 25 January 2019 in this note:

Original source in Spanish

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