translated from Spanish: Macri asked Foreign Ministry to renew request for room search

the announced suspension of the search for Emiliano Sala on the English channel, has aroused the discontent of the world of football and of the population of Argentina and France pr intertwined. Before friends and family campaign will continue with the same, has sent a letter to Mauricio Macri so intervene in the case. After it, the President of the nation sent him a statement to Foreign Affairs, so that conversations are engage with the Governments of France and Great Britain, with the aim that the plane disappeared last Monday rescue tasks are not completed.

In the same letter presented, it was reported that Jorge Faurie, Argentine Foreign Minister “will make explicit order to the Foreign Ministers of both countries that are carrying out the search”. Last Tuesday 22 Deputy Foreign Minister Daniel Raimondi had already made efforts to the ambassadors in the Argentina of the United Kingdom, Mark Kent, and of France, Pierre Henri Guignard.Mismo road were carried out in Britain, Carlos Sersale, Argentine ambassadors and in France, Mario Guerra Verón in this regard. According to detailed, these presentations were made to the Governments of both countries maintain the search effort. The representatives of the Government of Argentina attempts are the last hope for the political road that relatives of Emiliano Sala are to avoid the suspension of rescue tasks. However, they do not rule out continue the search through private companies. In this note:

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