translated from Spanish: Melbourne hopes the hottest day in a decade

MELBOURNE, Australia (AP) – authorities warned of the possibility of failure in the electrical service in Melbourne on Friday while residents of the second largest city in Australia is p They repaired to live the hottest day in the last decade. That the capital of the State of Victoria, with 5 million inhabitants, is expected to reach a temperature of 44 degrees Celsius (111° Fahrenheit), what would be the hottest day in Melbourne from February 7, 2009, a day of catastrophic fire forest that is remembered as the Saturday Negro.Ese day, the temperature reached 46.4 ° c (115.5 ° F). Forest fires claimed the lives of 173 people and razed with more than 2,000 homes in great Victoria.Una amount of forest fires are gaining momentum in the middle of a heat wave along a Southeast Australian affected by drought, and the authorities warn that the risk of fire is high. Lily D’Ambrosio, Victoria’s Energy Minister, said that three generators of electricity in the State had failed, since infrastructure has struggled to meet the demand for electricity for air conditioners.
«This means that we can not rule out a low voltage,» he added on Radio 3AW.

D’Ambrosio said that it is «absolutely essential» that the inhabitants of Victoria use the lesser amount of electricity. Rob Sharpe, of the Bureau of meteorology, said that it would not surprise him if this January ends up being Australia’s hottest January since it is likely that the heat wave will continue. Last year was the hottest third which has registration in Australia.

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