translated from Spanish: Only fortnightly signing for the new 4 formalized by obstruction to the investigation in the case Catrillanca

In a day marathon, which lasted for almost 12 hours and with several breaks, judge Fernanda Lakes of the Court’s guarantee of Collipulli ruled out issuing arrest total home the formalised new 4 po r obstruction to the investigation in the case Catrillanca – as requested the Regional Prosecutor’s Office – and chose to enact the fortnightly signing of defendants.
Uniformed former formalized on this day were the former head of special forces of Araucania, Jorge Contreras; the former head of the BEPGS, Manuel Valdivieso, and the former second corporal Gonzalo Pérez, who handled the tanqueta that moved to the uniformed operational in Temucuicui where murdered Camilo Catrillanca. The lawyer Cristián Inostroza, syndicated as the link initially coordinated by the testimonies of those involved in the case was also formalized.
In addition, the judge determined the measures precautionary national roots and the prohibition of contact with others charged in the case. He also decreed a period of 64 days for the closure of the investigation.
In his argument, the prosecution called total house arrest for former officers, under the argument that the soldiers then lied to protect themselves among them and their institution, in violation of the ethics and principles of police.
But the judge said that he was “very serious matters”, the lack of a history of those involved and low penalty which have the offense that were formalized, among others, was taken to enact a measure precautionary lower than the one requested by the Ministry Public.
With these defendants 4, already added 8 formalized by the crime of the mapuche community. The formalized today joined the forces of Carabineros, all dies down, Raul Avila, Carlos Alarcón, Patricio Sepúlveda and Braulio Valenzuela, who were the first to face justice in this case.  In the first instance, all the members of this group were in pre-trial detention, but then the Court of appeals of Temuco agreed to let Patricio Sepúlveda and Braulio Valenzuela under house arrest.
Currently only Avila and Alarcon, both charged for murder accomplished and frustrated, are deprived of freedom, but at the end of this note the Court’s guarantee of Collipulli was checking their precautionary.
Debate by presence of Interior hearing was marked by the request made to the defense of three of the four former officials police defendants who requested that they come out of the case the Ministry of the Interior, the National Institute of human rights and the Advocacy of childhood, requirement that was rejected by the Court.
Moreover, the lawyer of Cidsur, Sebastián Saavedra, representing the minor who was with Catrillanca at the time of the facts, also asked the marginalization of Interior lawyer, arguing that “is not correct that the body responsible for what happened in” the area is as a Prosecutor in this case”.
“There no specificity so that the Ministry of the Interior is concurring in this case. The Inter-American Commission, in the case of Alex Lemún, to be reopened the case recommended that police should be trained. And what did this Government? He created the jungle command. And what was the result? In less than five months a mapuche were eliminated, it snapped.
This claim joined Nelson Miranda, lawyer of the family Catrillanca, who complained that “it’s lousy that they are representing the sector of the victims”.
“Incompatibilities can be generated, there are statements by senior officers of police established that they would be reported to the Minister of the Interior Andres Chadwick and Undersecretary Rodrigo Ubilla,” said professional.
However, lawyer Luis Hermosilla – representative of Interior – referred to various cases in which appear at the same time the Government and the Defense Council of the State, as the “assassination of Eduardo Frei Montalva” and the crime of the former Senator UDI Jaime Guzmán.
“The Ministry of the Interior is required to ensure the maintenance of public order and has exercised their obligations under the rule which governs the, Ministry,” said.

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