translated from Spanish: Reveal returns of millionaires booked expenses of police showing Javiera Blanco

Javiera Blanco, former Undersecretary of Carabineros name appears in a form of payments from reserved costs of the institution, according to an investigation of now-news.
Documents show the detail of payments charged for that item to the high command of Carabineros, and contemplated the names and amounts received by generals, colonels, and other officials of the institution in the periods of four former General Directors of police uniform: José Bernales, Eduardo Gordon, Gustavo González Jure and Bruno Villalobos.
The issue of bonuses via reserved expenses is not new for white, because during the process of police fraud, some former charged in the case revealed that some of these funds were derived to the Undersecretary of Carabineros, at the time This Division was led by the lawyer close to Michelle Bachelet.
At the same time, Senator PPD Felipe Harboe, was also punctuated by the subject. Harboe served as Undersecretary of Carabineros, between 2002 and 2006, and in the process was mentioned as a recipient of these payments. An accusation which he catalogued at the time as “absolutely untrue”.
The monthly amounts of the new element this time is the public dissemination of lists where it appears with name and surname the former Undersecretary, including a monthly figure.
White was Undersecretary of Carabineros in the first Government of Michelle Bachelet, between 2006 and 2010. Revealed by the aforementioned documents, appears to receiving $1.090.000 in January 2007 and the same figure in February of the same year, when the general manager of the institution was José Bernales.
The former Undersecretary always denied having received bonuses. When I was Minister of the CDE, and the issue erupted in the media, he stated that “lists I never had knowledge, except when it appeared in the press. “I agreed to that information just like you, I never knew of lists, I understand that the institution nor (…), but yes can say you that as Under Secretary never received any bonus”.
However, last July, a report published by the newspaper La Segunda addressed the issue. On that note, a Colonel in removal of Carabineros, Enrico Morelli, who was Chief of staff of the then-Undersecretary, 2007 confirmed payments. “I can point out (envelopes) were arriving every month,” he pointed out.
Recall that in the second Government of Bachelet, white held the portfolios of labour and justice, and then was appointed by the then President as Counselor of the Defense Council of the State of Chile, a charge that abruptly abandoned in October given the discomfort that generated your public exposure in several judicial edges in counselors. One of them were expenses booked in police, while the other corresponded to the so-called edge NASCAR of Sename, and which investigates alleged misuse of funds for contracts in gendarmerie.
“Any responsibility I have in any of the three charges. I have waited two years to be heard. In two of them still not I’ve been able to declare”, said Blanco, who says that” there has been a systematic campaign of vilification, of discredit, which has been well painful, tedious, unjust (…) ” I think there was a cruelty,”said White at that time.
More than $200 million for General Directors according to now news, history confirms that the high command of police systematically received moneys, “whose purpose never were clarified by the beneficiaries, who also yielded the amounts in a fairly informal manner”. José Bernales, Eduardo Gordon, Gustavo González Jure and Bruno Villalobos, received more than 200 million pesos in booked expenses, says the research.
The documents are part of one of the edges of research, so far desformalizada, the North Central Public Prosecutor’s Office by fraud in the police institution.

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