translated from Spanish: Suicide and social networks: a pump of time

We all know how important have been transforming social networks, which today are part of an access to information without equal and where, with a couple of seconds of consultation, can obtain information from the most varied nature and for any application that you want.
Whether in politics, business and everyday life, the correct use that we assign to these platforms, will hand – inevitably – with the fact of not falling into the hostage of the false news, which requires a crucial responsibility for whom we live immersed in informative journalism.
And is that communicators we find ourselves in a constant Crusade and a huge effort to educate the public and to the ordinary citizen so they check out and verify the sources on a daily basis, to consume, to avoid falling on news that alarmed over the account , in a context where delivering erroneous, arbitrary and irresponsible information, has become a constant by means of communication of petty and are perfectly identifiable by a second reading.
In this scenario, social networks are a two-edged weapon, since not only cyberspace we find noble data on some issues, but it also, “tips” on facts that must be analyzed by experts from the most varied disciplines.
As data of the cause, I bring to the fore what published a prestigious means of international press, which portrayed the case of a 14-year English young removed life.
Through an interview, his father stated that “Instagram helped kill my daughter”. The heartbroken man, also said that the teenager had revised accounts of people that was depressed, which is autolesionaba or that raised the suicide.
In view of this fact, the question falls by inertia: we have notion, as a society, what so harmful are social networks for the health of young people?
It is worth questioning what we are doing in this regard and which public policy could be focused, in its entirety, to address the problem of mental health in Chile, especially in a dimension that terrifies and where indiscriminate information that They provide social networking, it seems not to have a clear, specific and serious regulation in the short term.
Figures more or less, in the last 10 years in Chile figures, 1,030 deaths have been by self-inflicted wounds by adolescents and schoolchildren, becoming the second leading cause of death in our country in this segment of the population.
Worrying, alarming or a fact that we must let go with indolence? Without going any further, in this second that you are reading this column, a decision may be triggering to threaten life itself. Mental health is a priority issue? Judge you.

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