translated from Spanish: Argentina defeated 1-0 to Peru and classified to the hexagonal end

play well and suffering for most part of the match, Argentina endured a hard match against peru and managed to seal their place in the final of the South American under 20 in Chile. With a goal by Maxi Romero, criminal, the game was and joins Ecuador, Paraguay or Uruguay awaiting.

Argentina won the necessary to pass to the final. Photo: Twitter @Argentina the first part was all of the Inca who had the clearer chances, but Argentina was close to the goal with a center of Barquett that closed and hit the crossbar. In the second stage, the desperation of rivals allowed the albiceleste are ordered and could attack against. The party was resolved more easily after the expulsion of Junior garden, but freshly in the final minutes and at the foot of Julián Álvarez was as clear of the team. In the end, an excited Rosemary anticipating the central generated a lethal against expiring a foul inside the area.

Argentina will face the winner between Uruguay and Paraguay, Brazil, Ecuador, Venezuela and Colombia. Photo: Twitter @Argentina former own Velez took care of the ball and scored the 1-0 final in addition time to confirm the classification the best six of the South American, who will play for four places in the Poland World Cup 2019 and three seats at the Panam games Lima ericanos. In the absence of that defined the last quota, Batista’s face Brazil, Venezuela, Colombia and Ecuador.

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