translated from Spanish: Colman of hugs and affection

Mazatlan.sin-with that joy and charisma that distinguishes it, the gentle Tiznado Ernestina fulfilled its 83 years of existence.

He thanked loved his company.

From the first hours of that important day, their children, grandchildren and other family members congratulated her and wished him the best.

Ernestina Tiznado was very loved by his children.

Celebration afternoon offered cute party in Panama restaurant.

Enchanted was Ernestina surrounded by great friends.

Ernestina looked very happy and with a cute set in blue color with floral print in coffee.

Tokens of affection and attention received the quinceañera of attendees.

Her friends of the Group joy also accompanied it and gave him cute gifts.

His family wished him the best.

The endless talks and smiles that attendees exchanged gave a touch of joy to the celebration.

The birthday girl spent her happy with your friends.

After several hours of camaraderie, lively recorded music, and good wishes, Ernestina said goodbye to their families and friends and told them that she became fascinated with your company. In this note: social Mazatlan birthday Ernestina Tiznado congratulations

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