translated from Spanish: Community members say ‘loggers’ trucks; they burn one in Ziracuaretiro

Ziracuaretiro, Mich.-inhabitants of the community of San Andrés Corú, belonging to the municipality of Ziracuaretiro, they intercepted at least five trucks, rolled twice, loaded with pine wood, allegedly illegal; one of them set on fire. There was closure of the Patzcuaro-Uruapan free road, for more than one hour.
At noon yesterday, a row of trucks laden with piece of pine wood, fell on a road north of the road free of that community, opposite the plaza de toros, so it immediately ran the voice of alert.
In a matter of minutes they arrived and blocked the road to prevent timber trucks take the road to Uruapan is leakage; After a strong altercado between loggers and inhabitants of San Andrés, they opted to pin him to the truck heading the convoy and thus they could not pass the others.
Apparently the Group of illegal loggers are originating in the community of Capacuaro, municipality of Uruapan, who in addition to be devastating the San Andres mountains, are introduced to the avocado orchards, where stolen equipment and tool.
In addition, the inhabitants of San Andrés, distant about ten kilometers from Uruapan, blocked the highway free, to press and authorities submit to give faith of timber plunder and devastation of the mountains.
Many of the inhabitants of the place were already be tired of the loggers of Capacuaro, who are destroying their natural resource, so you will have to determine in Assembly, that they will do with the following that they are caught stealing wood.
Source: Monitor Expresso

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