translated from Spanish: Fire hazard: what insurance which can be accessed by farmers?

the memory of the forest fires of 201 7 are still in memory. Our flora and fauna became ash, making it necessary that the Government decreed “Agricultural emergency”.
Events of these dimensions affect all producers who are in the disaster area and that can only measure their losses once it finishes out the fire, they secured Willis Towers Watson consultants.
But how this tragedy affect our farmers?
Unfortunately not all agricultural insurance performance have built-in fire coverage, as most of these policies are exclusively for losses caused to crops and fruit trees by nominees climatic events.
Also, the consultant proposes insurance of fire with liquidation satellite, with an amount pre agreed to pay for the secured area, so that the assessment of loss is much more efficiently and quickly that through a traditional settlement.
It is a safe, the first of its kind developed in Chile, where through open source of NASA satellites measured burned areas which overlap with the secured areas, determining the insured loss.
On the other hand, there is also an agricultural insurance of fire, known as sowing time, which protects the crops of wheat, oats, barley, triticale, maize, rapeseed and Lupine in cases of ordinary fires, damage by aircraft, fire, and damage to a direct result of strike, looting or popular disorder and damage by explosion.
This policy should hire apart from common agricultural insurance to be covered in case of fire as the national disaster that we live a few years ago and commonly in the summer.
The same applies to fruit trees. To assure them it is essential to hire additional way the corresponding fire insurance and thus protect this type of production.
In the case of the livestock insurance (bovine, ovine, and beekeeping), these do bring built-in fire coverage, so you are protected animals and insects (cows, Bulls, sheep and bees).
However, both the CONAF and other entities from various countries, agree that more than 60% of fires are caused by man, so it is extremely important to educate the population and be cautious and prudent with our nature and in particular with our planet.
The company certifies that with insurance such as these, you can save the disaster after a tragedy so large as it is a fire.

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