translated from Spanish: Free concerts of nucleus of Sonora experimentation (NES) in Chiloé

concerts of the core of Exp erimentacion Sonora Chiloé NES Monday 28 January, 19:30 hours. Center Mapu Ñuke, sector of low Natri in Chonchi.
Tuesday 29 January, 19:30 hours. Centro Cultural de Castro.
Free entrance.
The core of Experimentación Sonora has its origin in the Codarte Chiloe Ancud Cultural grouping during the seminar “dialogue of the South; descolonization symbolic territories”which performed together with the Universidad de Los Lagos and the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso in the city of Castro, Chiloé (2017), and more precisely during the scenic”music and physicality in the 43rd parallel South”, which will be the antecedent of the Chiloé NES.
Its founder and director, the flutist Alejandro launderers, invites musicians Claudio Pérez and Sergio Sauvalle, the need to create a new space for creation, research, interpretation and dissemination of the current musics joining musicians of different traditions and languages (learned music, jazz, popular music, tradition hispano-chiloense and williche) which inhabit the territory of Chiloé to go to build a new field of sound meanings between music written tradition and oral tradition as well as by the use of new technologies.
In this first stage NES Chiloé has requested the creation of works for its current conformation vocal and instrumental different both Chilean and foreign composers. In addition to encourage contemporary creation, core incorporates in its presentations codes of other from authors of different aesthetics, periods and countries such as Piazzolla, Ginastera, Fukushima, Bartók, Taira tradition williche music e Hispano-Chilenas.
“The concert we will offer this time is entitled”New music of Chiloé”and will perform works by Chilean composers Boris Alvarado, Claudio Pérez, Christian Koppmann, Óscar Mendoza, the Mexican Rodrigo Sigal and the Uruguayan Guillermo Eisner the latter are characterized by the use of acoustic instruments and audiovisual platforms. As well as other art disicplinas they have exponents of contemporary languages in Chiloé, as for example; “the poetry, painting, audiovisual, photography, dance and architecture, this opportunity is the music which takes care of the concerns of the contemporary creation through this project”.
The nucleus of experimental sound Chiloé comprise Alejandro launderers (flute), Claudio Pérez (composition and piano), Sergio Sauvalle (guitar), Nediell Muñoz Millalonco (vocals), Christian Koppmann (trumpet), Óscar Mendoza (double bass) and Daniela Roa) violin) and invited to attend different musicians and creators needs posed by works or projects to be carried out.
Experimentation Sonora Chiloé core concert is part of the project “Training, mediation and Extension within the framework of the 10th Music Festival Chiloé 2018” and is funded by 6% of FNDR culture Los Lagos 2018 and has the support of the House of the culture of Ancu d, the Cultural Center of Castro and the Nuke Mapu Center of Chonchi.

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