translated from Spanish: Jimena Barón response to Julia Mengolini: “Selective feminism”

Jimena Barón accused Julia Mengolini make “selective feminisimo” for criticising their postings on social networks. It concluded that, according to what he said the journalist, she is “a hypocrite and frivolous slave” for loving her trained body and share it. The crossing by social networks began when the journalist wrote about Baron: “okay with having a lomazo and post 3 pictures of your cu… per day. Each bears the Patriarchate as you can. Now well: I do not come with that’s empowerment. I see it more like a sort of slavery. Can I make a mistake”. To this question, which led several publications on Twitter, Momo MOM replied with a disclaimer on the same social network. Not to mention to Mengolini directly, “The silly” singer called women to love and to empower themselves as.

“The same photo of my ass years ago when it was not going to the gym and weighed several kg more makes me a real, honest and respectable woman. Today, training hard and loving and sharing my firm with freedom bubbles, I’m a hypocrite and frivolous slave. Interesting… selective feminism. Drink of God, do what you sing them the ovaries, which rather undermined have them. There is her key, be files and honest to same units. Tits without nipples, with plastic balloons. In thong, with FDA, showing or not show.
to live own life and let to the of to the side in peace if that it is happy without disturbing anyone! That is freedom. They are, as they want, as they have always dreamed of it, like them happiness, do not need the approval of anyone and spend life in a fart! Enjoyed very much”.

Original source in Spanish

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