translated from Spanish: Minister Hutt rolls back in explanations for rising rates on public transport

The new adjustment to the rates of the public transport system sparked a series of criticism from residents of the Metropolitan Region, affected major faced the second spike in price determined in the last resolution of the Panel of experts.
Minister of transports, Gloria Hutt, said through a statement the reasons justifying the rise, deriving responsibility and decision to the Panel of Experts created by the year 2010, to review monthly financial projections of the system. “We would prefer that the decision would have been different,” said the Minister and added that, “we know how important is this price change for all users of the system”.
Hutt said the rates may vary for different reasons, such as covering a deficit, correct index of prices, or both. “This time upward is explained only by the price index,” said Minister and clarified that “the financing of the new line 3 of the Metro does not affect recently informed rate change”.
Disgruntled citizen the rate increase, whose value in the meter reached $800 hours punta, above all affects those who have lower incomes, especially retirees and pensioners citizens. In this sense, the National Union of pensioners, said through a statement that they reject “in the most categorical way the increase of the passage of the Transantiago”, and called on the Government to “delay the increase until 2020 March”, in addition to ratifying the demand for “all pensioners, retirees and adults older people, to have a ticket reduced during all hours, similar to the students”.
From the political sphere, the President of the Communist Youth of Chile, Camilo Sánchez, said that “this rise is a scam and it shows incompetence by the Government, who invested $10 billion a month ago to prevent rise passages and the” result is null”.
Also, the official said “it is unsustainable that generated three increases by a ‘panel of experts’ that has no counterpart in a year. No one is taking care of the interests of the users”.
Currently, a massive March by the rise of the passage of Transantiago and Metro, which has more than 3 thousand interested and will be held this Saturday at 12:00 at plaza Italy is calling via Facebook.

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