translated from Spanish: “Nona” film: the rebellious grandmother who catch the Rotterdam Festival

the film Jo stars sefina Ramirez (66), playing Yes, an atypical grandmother and mistress of the House autoexiliada in the small coastal town of Pichilemu, after set fire to the van of her former lover. Away from the city, Nona tries to find peace in the household routine, while strange fires begin to affect the neighborhood and the surrounding forests.
This is the third tape Director Camila Jose Donoso, after his co-direction with Nicolás Videla in Naomi Campbell (2013) and his first work in solo Casa Xxxivanxxx (2017). The film was made under the eaves of Wicker Producciones (Chile), in collaboration with co-productoras from Brazil, France and Korea. This last was shown a preview of the film within the context of the Jeonju Film Festival, thanks to the support of the Jeonju Cinema Project.

Counted in different film formats, ranging from clean digital records to Hi-8 tapes, celluloid and interventions of all kinds stand, film could be interpreted as a reflection of the many facets of its protagonist: Mistress of House, guerrilla, friend, vain, prankster and liar, but especially Grandma.
This is how Nona is the piece most intimate within the Filmography of Donoso, because not only is the granddaughter of this eccentric woman but also appears on camera, participating in the plot as a granddaughter, and making acting her grandmother and her mother in a history of strong women, which erases the boundaries between fiction and documentary, feature that traces and identifies the work of Camila Jose Donoso.

Valdivia and Rotterdam within the framework of the last Festival international de Cinema of Valdivia, tape participated in the competition for Work in Progress Chilean cinema of the future, focusing on films in the process of completion. Under the support of CinemaChile and FilmCommission Chile, it is awarded to Nona. If I get wet, Igiving you the opportunity to attend the Rotterdam Lab 2018 burned them. In addition, on the same occasion, Jang Byung Won cinema programmer decided to support the project through the Jeonju Cinema Project, of the prestigious contest of independent cinema of Korea in the South, place where subsequently presented a first cut of the film during 2018.
The film laboratory in Rotterdam was the first step toward the Festival, whose motivating is to discover and enhance the profiles of new audiovisual creators. It is as well as its artistic director Bero Beyer explained that “this selection is a wonderful sample of the different creative ways in which the directors are seeking comment and portray the world”. In addition to Nona in the selection are works from countries such as Denmark, China, Brazil, Russia and Holland.
On his creative search, Donoso said that for its work telling stories becomes the background. “What I seek is transmit unique and unrepeatable worlds as well as moments and dialogues that cross the life emanating poetry thanks to the wealth of those who interpret them”, says the Director, who will be presenting the tape to the Dutch public January 29 , in the most important competitive section of the contest.
The Tiger Award, which consists of 40 thousand euros, has already been delivered to a national tape from Thursday to Sunday Dominga Sotomayor, while films such as House Wolf (Joaquín Cosiña and Cristóbal León)Tur ISTAs, Il future, family life (Alicia Scherson) and King (Niles Atalha) have participated in previous editions of the festival. This year joins the Chilean film history of my name of karin Cuyul within the section Bright Future, along with late to die young of Dominga Sotomayor. In addition the Chilean artist Alfredo Jaar will be part of the international jury.

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