translated from Spanish: Tlahuelilpan lost hope in finding living relatives

an old Cup with a cloud flower bouquet is the tragic that for more than one hundred people turned a grave, then seven days after the tragedy in San Primitivo , Tlahuelilpan community, very few people looking for any indication of a family member or acquaintance who has survived the explosion of the clandestine tap of the Tuxpan-Tula de Petroleos Mexicanos (Pemex) pipeline.
Miguel, on his bike, came around noon of yesterday to the fire area. He said that he did not seek remains, but that it was returning to see how the place had been.
He recalled that on January 18, when the tragedy took place it was 10 minutes before flight exploded.
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A day after the accident, the Governor of Hidalgo, Omar Fayad Meneses, reported in press conference for the federal Government that 74 people were dealt clinically, while 73 had died.
Miguel told the day of the explosion fell to the point where the fuel flowed at more than 4 meters high, but, due to the strong smell, is giddy and chose to leave.
He added that he observed people who was lying on the floor hallucinating, others vomiting and some even spilling the hydrocarbon that they collected, because he thinks that by the stench were intoxicated.
Gallery. People looking for relatives while the experts working in the area of explosion 56% of the injured died of 79 people who escaped the fire in a clandestine tap of Tuxpan-Tula on January 18, 56.9% duct has died.
The number of deaths by the explosion added 114 people, until this morning of January 26, according to the Government of Hidalgo. According to the official report, 33 people remain hospitalized.

Lee: The step by step in Tlahuelilpan: Pemex closed duct 4 hours after it was detected taking attended wounded, two were discharged, four are hospitalized in the State and the rest are in the State of Mexico and the capital of the country.
In addition, of the 68 human remains found, 16 have been identified; of the latter figure, only one has not been delivered to their families.
From 2016 to 2018, the institution climbed from fifth to first place in the country by the number of clandestine shots on Petroleos Mexicanos (Pemex) pipeline, according to data from the production company of the State.
In addition, in the first 20 days of this year Hidalgo led the national ranking of detected ordenas, with 164 cases, among which is the clandestine tap on Friday of last week exploded in Tlahuelilpan.
For 2018, Hidalgo found 2 thousand 121 holes. Tula and Cuautepec concentrated 43%.
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Horacio Briseño Ortega, Coordinator of the laboratory of forensic genetics of the Prosecutor’s office, said criteria that staff still collect samples from people who have pointed out the not-location of their relatives, who were in the clandestine tap gathering gasoline when the tragedy took place last week.
“In the place (were found) around 68 remains, feasible to identify, and have 64 biological samples provided by relatives”, said prior to the State report that indicates 68 shots of DNA.
Of the 68 bodies that were burned at the site of the explosion, identified 16, according to the Government of Hidalgo.  On 22 January the Government reported that specialists from the forensic medical service (Semefo) of the PGJH moved 53 offal human raised on the grounds, which held them genetic profile testing, contained in DNA sequences.
The expert added that, by the State of degradation of the remains, there are complications in the procedure, so that the investigation could take months.
He explained that on the stage called quantification (select the quantity and the quality of the sample) is an amplification of the extracted material and copied for the genetic profile. Biological more than 60 outlets, is then compared to determine if there is familiarity.
Hidalgo closed 2018 as the State with more clandestine outlets; 1,352% increased in 4 years in this work of forensic genetics involved seven people. Jasmine Garcia Escobar, expert in human identification and dentistry, said that in his area, four specialists are divided into two tasks: a pair performs interviews with family members to collect data and life history of the victims (diseases, operations, tattoos, scars and then data), while the others work in laboratory.
“The (case) of interviews is low useful by the degree of degradation of the bodies, and the laboratory consists in the analysis of the dental organ, the oral cavity, and we work in coordination with the laboratory of forensic anthropology, which also we” It is providing data related to findings in bone structures that can give us estimates data for age, sex determination, and other particulars that must be checked against the interviews”, he added.
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