translated from Spanish: Two alleged responsible for the killing of activist raramuri, Julián Carrillo were arrested

two alleged responsible for the killing of the activist raramuri, Julián Carrillo, murdered on 24 October in the municipality of Guadalupe y Calvo, in the Sierra Tarahumara, were detained Saturday, said the Governor of Chihuahua, Javier Corral.
The apprehension was achieved in a permanent operation that lasted 90 days, said Corral.
“We are performing an act of Justice. “May be an act of criminal justice which we will carry out, already not we will give family members the possibility of regaining Julián Carrillo, but the killers and criminals, those responsible for this, are going to pay to justice”, said.

The @Fiscalia_Chih has managed the arrest this morning of the two perpetrators of the murder of Julián Carrillo Martinez, leading Rarámuri defender of the forest and the human rights of indigenous peoples. On October 24 I offered her family and villagers do justice.
-Javier Corral Jurado (@Javier_Corral) January 26, 2019 Julian was a defending indigenous Rarámuri and leader of the community of Coloradas de Vigen, which fought against the exploitation of natural resources in the territories in the area since 2007.
Julian lived in the Sierra Tarahumara, an area with little security and without basic services, which in recent years has been occupied by organized crime groups who take advantage of the soil for the planting of poppy and cannabis.
On several occasions Julian met with Amnesty International staff and told that a time to date some landowners has had appropriated, fraudulently, of land belonging to the raramuris to hand them over to organized crime.
Reads: Killed defending Rarámuri in Chihuahua; in two years they killed 5 members of their families after that, those affected filed “claims farming” the authorities to recover his titles of properties, but to change only received threats from landowners, or some were killed as in the case Julian.
Amnesty International estimates that in the last two years have been, at least 9 murders, including that of Julian and his family, related to the spoils of land claims. But not all families have reported for fear of reprisals.
In the last 2 years, Julian had already lost five relatives, who were murdered, apparently by the same situation.
February 5, 2016, his son, Victor Carrillo, was killed; July 1, 2016 same thing happened with his nephew, Guadalupe Carrillo Polanco; 1 July 2017 killed Alberto Quinones Carrillo, another of his nephews, and 1 July 2018 was killed his son-in-law, Francisco Chaparro Carrillo.
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