translated from Spanish: Venezuela rejected the ultimatum of Europe: “Go well long to hell”

the new socio-political pop of Venezuela with the proclamation of Juan Guiadó and Nicolas Maduro as Presidents of the country, became the central theme in New York at a nu Evo Council of the Organization of the United Nations, which had several crossings, including one starring the representatives of United States and Rusia.Tras the words of several representatives of the European Union on a call for presidential elections in the next eight days, Diosdado Cabello, right hand of ripe, and Jorge Arreaza, Chancellor of the Bolivarian country, were compelling to reject the ultimatum proposed in New York.

Jorge Arreaza dismissed the ultimatum of Europe. Photo: Twitter @CancilleriaVE more vehemently, hair was direct against the leaders of Europe. “There in the European Union give us eight days go well long to hell, that Venezuelans no one gives orders!”, said the number 2 of the President who claims his continuity in office. Then it was time to take the word of Jorge Arreaza, which was also very firm in his words. “Imposing international relations based on the power which article of the Charter of Nations United is the legal basis for the proclamation of a person who has not been elected by anyone?”, began.

“Nobody is going to give us time”, Jorge Arreaza, Foreign Minister of Venezuela. Photo: Twitter @CancilleriaVE “is an immense irresponsibility recognize non-constitutional Governments, they are putting at risk the legality. We call on Europe to reflection, respect the Constitution and sovereignty of Venezuela,”said Arreaza, against the sayings of the leaders of the old continent”is Europe?, giving us eight days of what Can of where to take you who have some authority to a sovereign people give deadlines or ultimatum? Where such interventionist action occurs to them and I would say even children? Nobody is going to give us time and we will tell if elections are made or not. Engage in their affairs”.

The words of @jaarreaza, are those of a Chancellor of a free and sovereign nation that never will be subjected to the whims and designs of any Empire. Venezuela expressed strong, clear and with respect, his truth to the world. We are winning!— Nicolas Maduro (@NicolasMaduro) 26 January 2019 after its strong repudiation, Nicolás Maduro joined with a message from social networks, supporting the words of their represented countries of the world, trying to generate new elections in Venezuelan land despite the victory of the Bolivarian. In this article:

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