translated from Spanish: Authorities called to visit the Coquimbo Region after strong earthquake

A call to continue to visit the destinations of the Coquimbo Region conducted the authorities after the earthquake on Saturday 19. After a thorough review, they found that the tourist offer of Elqui, Limarí and Choapa is fully operational.
Also emphasized in opting for accommodations and tour operators registered in Sernatur and formal. These have infrastructure and security protocols.
So the Government and the private sector invited tourists to continue staying in the area. The same for those who will arrive in the coming days and during every February at the Coquimbo Region.
Operational services destinations, attractions and tourist services are operating in valleys and coast of Elqui, Limarí and Choapa. In addition, it boasts the materiality, the supplies and logistics to offer its traditional good service, either in Sun and beach, astroturismo, wine tourism, gastronomy, culture or sport adventure.
Emphasizes the small number of cancellations in accommodation services that belong to the national register of providers of tourist services of Sernatur.
The vast majority of cancellations in the area are accommodations in the informal offer, i.e. houses or apartments that particular lease in summer season.
The hotels, lodges and hostels formal, i.e., those registered in Sernatur, evidenced a low percentage of removal of tourists before the contracted time.
These campuses have infrastructure, protocols and measures determined by law. After being inspected by Sernatur ensures a safe and responsible service to domestic and foreign tourists.

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