translated from Spanish: BREAD presents complaint case Tlahuelilpan

the National Action Party (PAN) filed a complaint with the Ministry of public function (SFP) against officials of Petroleos Mexicanos and “whoever is responsible for” the facts of Tlahuelilpan which killed more than 110 people because of a clandestine tap of fuel and an explosion.
In a statement, national action said that the SFP must investigate whether public servants omissions, both in the monitoring of ducts and in response to meet the emergency, and at the time incurred administrative penalties.
For Pemex, the reporting of facts is specifically against the corporate director of administration and the Manager of physical security services.
“The shortcomings in the work of shelter, as important as the supply, might cause the death of more than 100 people, which would imply that there are officers who did not carry out their work well and were omissions in the performance of their obligations”, said the President of the PAN, Marko cuts.
“In coordination with the agencies and entities of the Federal Government, PEMEX owed appropriately protect and close the vent, perform surveillance, prevention, and care of risks in Hidalgo”, added.
Read > how occurred the explosion, a history of milking and the performance of the army: what is known about the tragedy in Tlahuelilpan opposition party demanded that, after Tlahuelilpan, federal authorities to implement “effective security protocols, for” preserve the integrity of persons”.
On 21 January, the Prosecutor General of the Republic, Alejandro Gertz, reported that they would be summoned to declare the three levels of government officials, to have information on their performance in Tlahuelilpan facts, and eventually establish liability.

He could you have closed the valve in time and have sent troops in time. The accident was avoidable. But they have done the opposite, so we present a complaint against whoever is responsible for the tragedy of Tlahuelilpan. #Incompetencia – national action (@AccionNacional) January 27, 2019 thanks for reading! Help us to continue with our work. How? You can now subscribe to political Animal on Facebook. With your monthly donation, you will receive special content. Find out how to subscribe here. Check our list of frequently asked questions here.

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