translated from Spanish: In the referendum of La Rioja won the ‘yes’ and houses may be re-elected

with 99% counted tables of the referendum which took place this Sunday in La Rioja, the «Yes» to the constitutional amendment that enabled the current Governor , Sergio houses, to be re-elected in office, added 70.882 Padrón (25.25%) votes, while «Not» reached 50.180 (17.88% of the register). Just the elections closed both the front for victory as change made cross accusations. On the one hand, the ruling spoke from a beginning of a triumph of ‘Yes’, while the opposition argued that voter turnout «barely exceeded 40 per cent» and that is part of «a failure of the Governor».

There was very little participation in the province (approximately 40%), people clearly turned his back to the amendment and said NO. This maneuver for the re-reeleccion was basis #Dibujalacomoquieras #Perdiste – JULIO Martínez (@JulioMartinezLR) January 27, 2019 what is the constitutional amendment that voted?
The reform, which had already been approved by the Chamber of Deputies (only remained in the referendum confirmation), empowers the Governor to run for a third term. To prevent this, would require that rejection will reach 35% of the register. The magna Carta of La Rioja prevents the Governor and the Vice-Governor occur in a third consecutive term in any of these two charges. Therefore, the ruling has prompted this constitutional amendment. In this note:

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