translated from Spanish: Migrant organisations marched through the center of Santiago against the new law

Sunday held a March in the Paseo Ahumada, in the Centre of Santiago, by different groups of migrants in Chile, who It is opposed to the new Migration Act of the Government, which is discussed in the Congreso.Sus main demands were: no more abuses; attention guaranteed in the processing of their papers; not to the irregular sale of quotes in the PDI; no more visas, consular and especially social rights. Hector Pujols, President of the National Coordinating Committee of immigrants in Chile, said that the Aliens Act institutionalizes a series of abuses against foreigners, stressing that it has not had the possibility of dialogue with authorities. «We have tried to engage in dialogue with the Ministry of the Interior, with the Department of immigration, the different secretariats, but this channel has been closed» for its part the collective Sin Fronteras, Patricia Loredo, Director expressed his concern by the Bill that is legislating and said that as it stands, it will only produce an increase in irregularities in foreigners trying to get his work visa. «We reject the character of Bill that is currently under discussion, mainly because it involves important setbacks.»

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