translated from Spanish: Mrs Catalina Pérez is the new President of democratic revolution

La diputada Catalina Perez is the new President of the party democratic revolution (Dr) after winning in the first round to the list headed by Javiera stop. The list of the parliamentary, “New revolution”, attained 1.782 votes, i.e., 50.9 percent of the votes; followed by “United to create”, headed by Javiera stop, which reached 1,363 votes (39 percent). With this, Catalina Pérez will assume the Presidency of the party in March 2019, for a period of two years, succeeding Rodrigo Echecopar. The members of the Supreme Court (TS) RD delivered the results of the elections which lasted for 48 hours with a web system and 100 polling places, where Ruben García reported that “in this election voted more than 3,600 people, therefore, this denotes a match in” growth,”he said. Another Member of the TS, Amaro Orostica also noted that the election “was carried out on the basis of the statutes of RD and all internal regulations governing our choices, and where was informed to all candidates the deadlines and obligations in this electoral period”said. For its part, the candidate Javiera stop acknowledged his defeat saying that “congratulations to Catalina Pérez and its list for this election and who will become the future President of RD and congratulate all and all the militants who have participated with their vote” “, or campaigning for any of the three lists” said stop. At the same time, the cultural ex-agregada of Chile in United States said that “we have made a democratic exercise, increase participation, we have still debt, but when we work together this is what happens, democratic revolution is called to” fulfil a fundamental role in the present and the future of the democratic left in Chile and Latin America”concluded. Meanwhile, another defeated candidate, Alejandra Millán added that “we want to thank the more than 10% of the militants who supported the ‘Confluence’ list and who supported us, where we put the emphasis on decentralization, because the rest of the candidates” list regions are”he said. Meanwhile, the Deputy Pérez at the end of the aforementioned press conference to inform the elections highlighted that “have concluded a historic electoral process in RD is one of the largest elections we’ve had, with the largest number of positions in dispute and the” more on participation that we have had in our short existence”stressed. Perez said that “we have taken a step decided to strengthen a transformative political alternative. A step decided to strengthen the broad front as the political reference that lead the opposition today in Chile and that take over offer an alternative to the Chileans and Chileans, because Chile deserves a change. Chile deserves to let us charge of poverty, let us charge of inequality. Chile deserves to let us charge the end of privileges”highlighted the parliamentary.

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