translated from Spanish: Sentenced to prison 8 elder abuse of girl

-Palenque, Chiapas.-La of the Attorney General (FGE), through the jungle District Prosecutor’s Office, managed to conviction of eight years against Abigail “n”, for the crime of rape in tort a girl, after events two years ago in the municipality of Palenque.La District Prosecutor jungle reported that after that the judicial authority analyze all the evidence submitted by the Prosecutor of the public prosecutor’s Office, determined to sentence the accused.

Abigail n was sentenced to eight years in prison. | Special on 16 December 2016, in the interior of the residence of the sentenced today, assaulted in their sexual safety to a minor, so in date April 13, 2017 is completed you arrest warrant against.

Abigail “n” is currently being held in the State Center of Social reintegration for Sentenciados (CERSS) number 11 in Pichucalco, where will be the penalty against her for the crime of rape. With these actions the General State Prosecutor’s Office, headed by Jorge Luis Llaven Abarca, reiterates its commitment to society to strengthen the rule of law and ensure legal certainty throughout Chiapas.

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