translated from Spanish: The doomsday clock indicates that the end of the world is near, say scientists photo

world-according to the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, which made its annual presentation of the clock of the last judgement (Doomsday Cloc (k) on Thursday, a group of scientists and academics, including 15 Nobel laureates, put the clock to 11:58 pm, two minutes before the symbolic midnight apocalyptic.
The minute hand did not move since last year. But 11:58 p.m. is the most close as the clock has been symbolize doom. “The fact that the hands of the doomsday clock have not changed is bad news,” said Robert Rosner, President of the Council of science and safety of the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists.
Then, why are we so close to destruction? Nuclear weapons and climate change, experts say. “In the nuclear field, EU abandoned the Iranian nuclear deal and announced that it would withdraw from the Treaty on nuclear forces of intermediate range (INF), serious steps towards a complete dismantling of the global process of arms control,” said the group.
“The agreement with Iran is not perfect, but it serves the interest of the international community to restrict the proliferation of nuclear weapons.”
In terms of climate change, “global emissions of carbon dioxide, which seemed to stabilize at the beginning of this decade, resumed its rise in 2017 and 2018,” said the group.
“To curb the worst effects of climate change, countries of the world must reduce to zero the global carbon dioxide emissions before the end of the century”.
Scientists lashed out at the announcement of the President of us, Donald Trump, withdraw from the climate agreement in Paris in 2015, “the main agreement world to tackle climate change”.
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