translated from Spanish: Winner of the Valparaíso Hill down looking for the Tri-Championship

Days of the tenth seventh edition of Red Bull Valparaíso Hill down, the champion of the competition is already in Chile. Czech Tomás Slavík is preparing its participation on February 10, which will seek to get a historic Tri-Championship.
Until now, only the national pilot Antonio Leiva has managed to be champion three times, between 2004 and 2006.
Upon arrival to the country, champion current and maximum followers to stay with the new version of the more complicated urban decline in South America, referred to the competition.
“Valparaiso is very special to all who practice urban decline. It is always one of the objectives of the year and therefore all the runners come to win it. I have already taken me the victory on two occasions and I would like to make a hat-trick. “That sounds like a good plan for my”, said.
Unique event, Slavik took some time to discuss what is the big difference between this event compared to the rest of the urban downturns in the region, every year have been acquiring greater importance within the international cycling.
“In some races must be well physically and in others you have to be a very technical pilot, but Red Bull Valparaíso Hill down you need both.” The requirement of this race forces you to be at the highest level in two aspects. But, you can not hope to win the competition”, said.
Regarding the performance of national pilots, said that they have been increasing their level throughout the years and stopped to highlight to the Chilean Pedro Ferrerira, who in the opinion of Slavik is one of the strongest competitors.
“This could be the year of Pedro Ferrerira, I think that it has a good chance of staying with the title. He has participated and made good runs at other times and so far of 2019 has been very strong. It has in its favor the public and that may be the key. “That Yes, I hope to win again”, was completed.

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