translated from Spanish: Youth focus their hopes on AMLO program

here not EXISTIAN streets. Families settled unevenly, and began to build quarters, especially after the 1985 quake. Up to the first half of the 2000’s was paved the colonia San Rafael Chamapa in Naucalpan, Mexico State. For this reason, the orography of the streets is very irregular. Ascents and descents very steep, no bench, no name or signage streets. Five minutes walking distance of the House of Jesús Saucedo, the Chuy, there is a House cordoned off with yellow tape. It was a safehouse of kidnappers.
The Chuy he struggles to speak. You sure that is going to make a mistake. Corrected and retract. It has escarchitas of sweat in the corner of the mouth. It is one of the newest members in the grouping of urban music writing brothers, who have formed ten young, all of the colonia Valle Dorado, San Rafael Chamapa. This is their land, “the district”.
Read: Bet Government of Mexico by empowering young people to lower violence El Chuy, 20-year-old, but with the appearance of a boy of 15, lives here only in a room that rents. His mother, working from home, visit only a few hours on Sunday. He did not know his dad. His friends, fellow in music, are his family. For years he walked from one side to another, renting or bum. He could only study up to the secondary. He has worked at work, such as plumber, as an electrician. Now paints houses and is “clean”.
“When I arrived here in Valle I moneaba me. But it was not as they say then, because you click junkie would not study and the party liked it more. No, because what happened. I came here to just Naucalpan and was cold. It was just that. He was looking for a home”.
The Chuy and his fellow brothers of writing part of the population seeking to attend the youth building the future program, which has become the standard of the federal Government for which 44,300 billion pesos of the budget was allocated Federal.
Newsweek Mexico interviewed a score of young people who have signed up for the program to get to know who they are, what their aspirations are and where they come from. He also spoke with companies and specialists in youth to understand, by the first program and, by the second, reaches how come to the youth that they have spent their careers on them.
The program seeks to benefit 2 million 300,000 young people during the next six years. It was created so that young people who do not study and lack of a job can train in a company up to a year. His salary will be 3,600 pesos a month and will be paid by the federal Government. While in the program, they will have Social Security.
The companies that have signed up to the program, such as Colgate, Bimbo, Kimberly Clark, Phillip Morris and the AstraZeneca laboratory, have to submit a plan of work for young people.
Lee: AMLO requests entrepreneurs moralizing to young people enrolled in its program of grants the Secretary of labour and Social Welfare (STPS) will review how the program is running at any time and young people will also have a function of social Comptrollers before the enterprise. After a year of training, who have completed the program will receive a certificate. If the company needs to be covered that position and the young man plays it well, you can be hired.
Gustavo de Hoyos, President of Coparmex, said that there has been a broad process of dialogue with the Government and hopes that there will be a process of maturation of the program. However, he says, there are some elements that do not match. One is the little time given by the federal Government to review the guidelines. The law, explains, provides 15 days so that the interested or involved in the project or public policy give their feedback to the Commission for regulatory improvement, but here were two or three days, said.
Also, it adds, there are points of institutional design that do not share. “We would have liked that the Census [realizado para tener las listas de beneficiarios de los programas] was from Inegi because we would have liked to be used State institution to have improved processes and more transparent”.
The Chuy met Limberth Cabrera Jareth, black, also in Valle Dorado, San Rafael Chamapa. They agreed the taste for rap and hiphop. Then she met Eduardo Gutiérrez, Sock, and the other members of write brothers.
Eduardo or Sock, 18-year-old has all the occupied hours of the day. In the morning he studied in Conalep campus 1 Naucalpan. In the afternoon works in-house SPEM, personnel service of the State of Mexico. There are handles call by phone to those who might be beneficiaries of the program young people building the future. It tells them what it is, asked their data and invites you to sign up.
It is already part of the program since last month and a half. Under that figure came into this business with a double role: be also promoter and beneficiary of young people building the future. You get paid 3,600 weights and also training. Eduardo realized there is other 50 guys like him in SPEM, with the same double role.
Eduardo already talked you program group colleagues, even led them to that he witnessed the start of the program in Tlalnepantla. Black says that nothing more is waiting to turn 18, it will be in may, to see if it is registered. He wants to follow in the music and help the other guys of Valle Dorado, Naucalpan, in rap and hiphop find a means to yell into the microphone what they feel, can not tell you someone else.
“We are in an area where it is easier to be an addict to a university or a graduate in something,” says black.
The black House known as the UFO House because that’s where they have their HDE UFO Records recording studio (consists of a Chair, a table and a computer in her bedroom, which shares with one of her sisters). “I here accept all who wants to rap music find a hook that pull them from drugs and violence.”
Black learned only to use computer programs to produce music. And that is dedicated for now, but it does not receive income.
CULTURAL groups groups as brothers of writing have the accurate profile seeking Jovany Avilés for its school of urban culture, where channels and become sustainable, collective projects for youth at risk.
Jovany Avilés is a sociologist with 20 years of experience in youth, and their organization, emerging victory, has been funded under the program together for the prevention of violence from USAID, the Government of the United States International Development Agency.
Jovany believes that the program young people building the future is positive because nobody had seen in their programmes or public policies to people aged 18 to 29 years. In addition, to tackle unemployment also combats violence generated by poverty. But, he stressed, to truly address violence, the rest of the factors that it must take care.
To reflect in depth on the programme of the federal executive, Jovany says it is reproducing a stereotype of youth, because it handles that its condition of poverty and vulnerability leads to violence. It reinforces the binomial juventud-violencia.
The intention is good. However, it is abundant, it is a paternalistic model because it assumes that youth need a guide, a teacher – in this case, trainer.
Youths, says, always doing something. They have multiple skills to solve problems, make a living, overcome conflicts at home and on the street, is can channel, direct and focus on what interests them, says Jovany. For example, he and the members of his organization have become micro-entrepreneurs to jugglers, rappers, tatuadoras.
Lee: The key points of the support programme youth of AMLO which will give them training and scholarships MULTIFACTORIAL problems in opinion of Jovany, to make young people building the future work should address the factors that put youth at risk.
The guys who live in San Rafael Chamapa have standardised situations of violence and drug use because it is what happens day to day in your environment. When their colony comes out in the news is, always, a situation of this kind. Just do a simple Google search.
Jimena Cándano, Director of the Organization reinstated, possesses a model of care to young people who have come into conflict with the law; your project has a 96 percent success rate.
The evidence of its success is in the comprehensive care. When it reaches a young – almost all males – your organization is makes it a diagnosis. “We are convinced that we have to work in an integrated manner: the consumption of substances, violent household, desertion, are factors, but there are many others who must attend, we can not be lame, becomes individualized and comprehensive”, Jimena says.
After the diagnosis, a life plan is projected with them, he explains. “When ask you young people: what would like to be when you big?, see you face: I do not have that option.” They say: I have to sell piracy, sell as my aunt, my destiny is in the family rotation. For example, in the Warrior no school for which already finished high school, because arrived farther away from what their parents arrived”.
Jimena says that when you trace the plan of life, the steps to be followed to achieve this are set and served them in the process; It may be to return to the school, individual, group therapies, etc. A factor to run its work plan, says, is that young people have someone accompanying them in the process. Does not necessarily have to be family, you can be a friend or friend, it adds.
For example, the black has the support of his family. However, her father refused to give studies beyond high school, “because it did not believe that it would take advantage of them”, says Alejandra, her mother.
Manif boyiesta that yes I’d like to be part of youth program which is now Eduardo to “move forward and be able to bring up the other guys from the neighborhood who have some talent, but lack the support to prove it”. It would like to capacitase a music production company. It is only waiting for 18 years.
Unlike the Chuy and black, to Eduardo, music is just one part of their activities. He wants to finish high school, but need to work to pay their expenses.
THE school or earn the life Adolfo Madrigal, 19 years old, lives in Tlalnepantla, State of Mexico. Already occurred in the platform of youth building the future. Still not choose work center where training and has only seen the list of the areas of interest that exist as offer, among which they remember: management, gastronomy, agricultural services, electricity, computer science, industrial and sales and service.
He learned of the program by social networks and will choose administration. You want to learn and gain experience to enter a private University to study marketing, as a public can not enter. When I was in the fourth semester of high school he had to leave school and get to work. His parents no longer could support it with costs.
He then accredited high school with only test mode, but he obtained 6.8 rating. That was taken as average and does not reach you to enter in a public school. “If I want to go to college it has to be private.”
Before learning of the programme it was almost a year looking for work in call centers, in sales, in a Bank, but it failed. “They ask for experience and I do not have. I have only worked in an internet cafe and an Oxxo, and thus do not hire me. Let’s see if with experience that grip in the training of the young program I already contract and I pay my University.”
Although the program young people build the future has space for all people aged 18 to 29 who do not study or work, those who have greater opportunity of joining a company are boys, such as Adolfo or Lalo, with high school or University finished or truncated career.
In the pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca, for example, this year they expect to nine young. “We are open to go including more, but for now we are ready to receive that number,” says Silvia Varela, Director general in Mexico of this company.
Guillermo Macorra, Manager of the pharmaceutical laboratory operations and human resources, and who is leading in his company the project to educate the youth, has still have no date to ensure that they reach the company.
Explains that in AstraZeneca Fellows will be both in the plant in Guadalajara, with technological profiles of juniors of systems analysts, as in the operative part, Lomas Verdes, Naucalpan, where they will receive two fellows to develop them as auxiliaries of plant, and in the commercial part, in which trainers for administrative assistants.
Macorra ensures that the Ministry of labour and Social Welfare has been in charge and the slope. “They have given us guidance and support from the registry, even if the platform is very friendly; then, in the knowledge of the program, also in how the private sector, and the accompanying participates in the administrative part of the certifications that we offer for young people through Conacyt or know, which is the center of labor certification”.
The project leader says that not only will they focus on training per, but that shall also develop the part young socioemotional. AstraZeneca will work the social and emotional areas through its process of induction to the company, its philosophy of values and ethics. Macorra says “once the kids are in the company, they will look for an approach more human to meet them and their context and see how to support them”.
The ultimate goal of the program, has, it is that young people leaving certificates in at least two skills, and with a good socio-emotional development. Although the STPS will consider only the certification at the end of the training year, AstraZeneca will make an evaluation of the scholars every three months, also that will make each month mentors, who in the case of this laboratory will be one of their past, recently retired. “The idea is to incorporate more retirees, to match them with each one of the scholars,” says Silvia Varela.
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