translated from Spanish: A judge authorized a lawsuit against Harvey Weinstein

New York. (EFEUSA)-a federal judge in New York gave the go-ahead today to a demand for a television production company under the law on human trafficking which presented last year against the producer Harvey Weinstein and his two companies, indicates a document of Southern District Court of new goes York.

Harvey Weinstein. Photo: AP producer Alexandra Canosa sued Harvey Weinstein, expoderoso Hollywood producer, for alleged rape, sexual abuse, intimidation and harassment, as well as to its two companies, his brother Robert and six exdirectores of companies. The judge of the federal court for the district South of New York, Paul A. Engelmayer, admitted a lawsuit against filmmaker and its companies but dismissed that filed against his brother Robert and six exdirectores of Weinstein.Canosa, producing companies of the series «Marco Polo» from Netflix, alleges that producer sexually abused her and raped her repeatedly, between 2010 and 2017, during meetings in which he used the pretext were business in New York, Los Angeles, Malaysia, and Budapest.

It claimed before the Court that Weinstein companies and its employees facilitated and hid this pattern of behavior, and that the producer threatened that he would lose his job and that he would veto it in the entertainment industry if she rejected his sexual advances. The judge authorized Canosa against Weinstein and their companies claims under the law of protection to victims of human trafficking and New York’s human rights law. The year past British actress Kadian Noble, one of more than 80 that have accused the producer and who have turned a court, accused him of violating the federal law of sex trafficking by abusing her during an allegedly casting in France in 2014.

Photo: Spencer Platt / AFP the actress claimed that the then powerful producer groped her without her consent and forced her to masturbate him, so it claimed it. Lawyers for Weinstein asked the Court that he dismissed the demand of Noble but Judge Robert W. Sweet determined whereas although no example or model of sex trafficking, the complaint against Weinstein.El judge Engelmayer said today agree with the decision sweet to be determined that it is appropriate to the sexual traffic in that case law. 

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