translated from Spanish: Case SQM: Pizarro plays is the Charter of the Constitutional Court to prevent his impeachment

Senator Jorge Pizarro DC entered an appeal to the Constitutional Tribunal (TC) to avoid to succeed the appeal by the public prosecutor before the Supreme Court to keep the rejection of the desafuero requested in the framework of case SQM where is explores the irregular financing of politics.
The impeachment of Pizarro was rejected by the Court of appeals of Santiago, by a large majority, however the prosecution insisted last week that the Supreme Court review the issue, arguing that in the “research were gathered diverse backgrounds of” test (…) that allow you to prove the facts of the imputation”. According to the written input to the TC by Cristóbal Bonacic, the appeal presented by the prosecution and the lawyers José Miguel Barahona “does not proceed, since it is not a judgment that resulted in the formation of cause, which is the only hypothesis and” “which the Constitution authorizes the appeal to the Honourable Supreme Court”.
The presentation of this new resource in case SQM could continue delaying the start of the trial, which is expected to visit by the Justice Center 16 defendants in this scandal, who include Pablo Longueira, Patricio Contesse, Fulvio Rossi and Marco Enríquez-Ominami, and there are more than 600 cited people to testify.
The indictment from the Prosecutor’s Office the DC Senator is accused by tax evasion and the facilitation of ideologically false invoices issued by Ventus Consulting S.A., a company of which are children.
According to the accusation of the Marauder body, the parliamentary – re-elected in his seat by the IV Region until the 2021 – received 45 billion pesos through the consultant of his sons, which ideologically false ballots issued to SQM, moneys which were then transferred to a current account of the parliamentarian and former helmsman of the Phalanx.
In his case, Prosecutor Pablo Gómez, together with ask his impeachment, also required for former President of the Christian Democrats and former President of the Senate a 818 days of prison sentence for tax crimes.

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