translated from Spanish: Denounce Mayor in QRoo was homes for vulnerable people

the authorities of the municipality of Benito Juárez, Quintana Roo, took advantage of a measure called “Agreement of wills” – which sought to avoid that abandoned dwellings of social interest they fell in the hands of invaders or criminals – to strip and finish the heritage of vulnerable people.
In the past two years, at least 300 protections against this measure, which already affected more than 700 people who lost their home have been requested and now seeking to legally revert this situation, reported the newspaper light of the century.
Lee: The low-income housing in Mexico, a millionaire Government project that failed the newspaper pointed out that municipal authorities of the Government verdecologista of Remberto Estrada, related public notaries and companies participated in these actions intermediaries who bought the register of defaulters.    
The so-called “agreement of wills” was not only used to purchase abandoned houses but also some still inhabited.   
A cause for the authorities seize the House was non-payment of property tax. Some of the homes are located in areas of low income from the margins of the municipality of Benito Juárez, whose top of commercial value not exceed 350 pesos.
You can interest: would like to buy a home in the CDMX? You will have to save 70 years to achieve this with the application of this approach avoided the embargo and auction process to pass by the approval of the Council, and thus leave that the faculty the shoulders directly in the municipal government.
So far, only some affected have managed to win the amparo and retrieve their home, some like the marriage of Verónica Hernández and Gabriel Pérez whose application for amparo is still in process under the record 153/2019 before the second Court of District, for failure to deposit the amount of 40 thousand dollars as a guarantee in this particular trial.
Read the full story in lights of the century.
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