translated from Spanish: Eldest daughter of Juan Gabriel could collect substantial Fortune

Claudia Gabriela Aguilera, the eldest daughter of the late singer Juan Gabriel, could charge substantial amount for payment of retroactive pension by 18 or even 21 years.
Dora Nelia, mother of Claudia Gabriela, revealed that his daughter Yes was recognized by Juan Gabriel, «Very strong hug» interpreter as his eldest daughter, even checked it 2015 with a secret DNA test. The group Formula news portal disseminates lawyer Victor Carrillo explained that the young woman could win the demand by not receiving alimony.
If for example it can be shown that she suffered, had needs or that he could not attend the school, among other circumstances, the judge could assess that it is fair to pay him part of the heritage of Juan Gabriel».

In an interview for the program Despierta America, Gabriela’s mom said that never requested the «Divo of Juarez» money for child support for her daughter, because she could bring it forward. When Dora Delia checked you the singer that Gabriela was his daughter, he wrote a letter to ask for forgiveness, and asked him to let his mother go to live with him, also asked to hide the letter with suspicion. «When we received it we laugh because it was a letter x», added.

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