translated from Spanish: Government launches program for digitizing SMEs seeking to “match the pitch” with large companies

The Minister of economy, development and tourism, José Ramón Valente, along with Undersecretary of the portfolio, Ignacio Guerrero, and Executive Vice President of Corfo Sebastián Sichel, introduced the public-private program ‘ scans Your SME ‘, which indicates that micro, small and medium-sized enterprises incorporate technological tools to their business administration.
“The adoption of new technologies is crucial for SMEs, because they shorten gaps and come to our entrepreneurs and SMEs to compete with the big players in each market, but – above all – technologies help us to match the pitch,” said the Minister Valente.
Next to it, the Secretary of State said that the program focuses “on helping SMEs understand the digital world and adopt these technologies. It is a training program that will reach all Chile and we aim at more than 25 thousand SMEs and entrepreneurs are benefiting.”
Instance, the authorities of the portfolio together with representatives of public and private entities that collaborated to the rising of ‘Scans your SME’ performed a symbolic firm commitment to the implementation of this program.
Among them are the Secretary General of the Presidency, the Undersecretary of tourism, the Undersecretariat of telecommunications, Sercotec, Corfo, Sence, ProChile, Indap, BancoEstado, ChileCompra’s public sector and ProPyme, the Chamber of Commerce of Santiago, Fundación País Digital, free market, inter-American Development Bank, Facebook, Google, Amazon, Entel, Inacap, ChileTEC, ACTI and UC design of the private world.
In March will begin the implementation of the first stage of the programme with the tour ‘ go Digital’, which will be held in all regions of the country and aimed at raising awareness and promotion of tools digital by SMEs and entrepreneurs.

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