translated from Spanish: They reveal the Government of Trump’s plan to avoid that Bachelet took over as High Commissioner of the United Nations

It was during the first week of September in 2018, when the former President Michelle Bachelet, took over officially as United Nations High Commissioner for human rights. Although it was ratified by acclamation by the 193 States belonging to the Organization, from the White House there were movements to prevent the exercise of his new position, revealed this Monday the magazine Foreign Policy.
According to the publication, after the inaugural speech of Bachelet, then Ambassador of United States to the United Nations, Nikky Haley, issued a first statement against the former President. «Bachelet continued the failures of the past when he criticized Israel and United States in his speech, while I was unaware of some of the worst violators of human rights in the world,» he said.
According to Haley, in his words, the former Chilean President «it validated even more our decision to withdraw from the Council,» referring thus to the marginalization of Washington of the Human Rights Council in June of the 2018.No however, during the speech, Bachelet also is He referred to the abuse of human rights in many other countries, including China, Iran, Nicaragua, Saudi Arabia and Venezuela.
The confidential memorandum later, administration of Donald Trump filed a confidential memorandum on 6 September, addressed to general Secretary Antonio Guterres, the UN. In this document, detailed the objections of the United States on the appointment of the former President of Chile as High Commissioner.
According to a spokesman for the U.S. delegation, who did not want to delve into the content of the document, Washington’s concerns about the nomination of Bachelet «were not new», whereby it expressed its position «as you would any high delegate in the» United Nations; to communicate privately and directly with the office of the Secretary-General», he told Foreign Policy.
In this sense, State Department spokesman told the magazine that «all UN Member States do the same thing according to their interests and no one should apologize for that».
Abortion and photos with «dictators» in the same line, the Undersecretary of State for International Affairs at United States, Kevin Moley, along with his Adviser Mari Stull, also expressed concern about the role of Bachelet in the legalization of abortion, indicating that Chile is «a conservative Catholic nation».
This fact added to the topics of the memorandum, where it explained that «Bachelet could have been a credible global figure, if it had not decided to become the main advocate of the abortion in the world», said a spokesman for the U.S. delegation to Foreign Policy .
Another antecedent against Bachelet was the pronouncement of Morgan Winery, the Chief of staff of the then Ambassador, Nikki Haley, who reported that the former President was weak with Latin American dictators», due to some pictures would appear where the former mandatory with a dictator, who is not identified specifically in the document.

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