translated from Spanish: «You have to go to the facts to action»: CPLT requests the Government to prioritize reform of the protection of personal data

The President of the Council for transparency, Marcelo Drago, insisted on calling the Executive to put among the priority projects of the Executive for this 2019 project currently in first tra mite in Parliament reforming the law of protection of personal data.
The owner of the CPLT recalled that the draft law for the protection of personal data has been in table since may 2018, «we believe that it should be passed to the facts, to action, and in this logic insist the call to give a sense of urgency and prioritize this ini training in March, allowing Chile to catch on in areas where we are lagging behind».
In this regard, Drago recalled that the Council has intervened and made recommendations in several cases in which agencies of the State and other entities treat and handle personal data. Also noted that in 2018 were in public debate much use as the receipt of personal data from subjects such as: the violation of security in the banking system, the enrolment of biometrics to enter the stadiums or to a mall in the capital , the use of such tools for the delivery of food benefits from government programs and to control access to public transportation.
Situations such as those described at the national level and others in the world «show the urgency to regulate the receipt of the delivery, Exchange, processing and care of personal data».
The President of the CPLT recalled that in 2018 is recognized constitutionally the protection of personal data as a right in our country and in may entered into force the new regulation General data protection (GDPR in its acronym in English) of the European Union that it will affect the relationship that is established with any company or person who is in Europe.
«The Council for transparency has 10 years of jurisprudence, guiding actions in these matters. Many of the elements that we have raised about these debates that today have expanded to other areas more everyday come from the jurisprudence of the CPLT». «However, we need a regulatory framework which enables Chile to take a leap and don’t continue on the sidelines of the debate taking place today in the context of the global economy», concluded the head of the Council, in the framework of the commemoration of the international day of the Pe data rsonales on January 28.

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