translated from Spanish: A girl slipped into a pit of 12 meters deep to save two dogs

happened on Saturday 26, but the video is viralizó these days: the case of a Cordoba 22 year old girl who entered a 12-meter-deep well to save 2 dogs transcended the barriers of social networks and on Tuesday came to the media. Day Reyes, a founding team of Animal protection in Cordoba 22-year-old girl, risked his life inside a sewage well with danger of collapse to rescue two poodles, of which one unfortunately passed away. The video of the fact was published on your Facebook account, where wrote: “before I slip into that well that was over 12 meters of depth, I thought: ‘ if it collapses still there inside and have to die, at least is doing what I love” , saving the lives of innocents ‘. Also aimed against the authorities for not acting quickly or effectively the situation: “I saw the publication at noon, I thought they were going to do something people who had to go to the place, but in the afternoon I saw that all protectionists asked relief.” I went with my friend to see what we could do, had a seated man but had the physical build to enter and without much thought I said: ‘Well, I can go’ “, told the local channel.” With what they had at hand, a rope and a harness, fell the girl with which communicated to the screams.

“It was all wet. They told me ‘don’t touch’ because there were possibilities of collapse. We were a bit down. When I went down not envisioned at the beginning dogs: the owner started to cry ‘Ciro’, and looked just the snout because it was under water and the other was not, probably died drowned. They were more than 10 hours there in”, he added in dialogue with”El Show de la mañana”of Cordoba.siempre according to Reyes, the poodle would have fallen into the void when the owner of the House opened the door to receive a visit and these are possible. First fell Ciro and Luisito would have followed him. Ciro, the rescued poodle is now out of danger.

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