translated from Spanish: Events of January 29: what a day like today?

a day like today, but in 2001, Augusto Pinochet is under house arrest after a Chilean judge agrees to consider allegations of kidnapping and murder against her. The charges would be dismissed later.

Photo: AP other efemerides:1439 — ends a storm of rain and snow that lasted three months, and flooded the city, which was being held incommunicado in Madrid and its inhabitants had to feed on wheat hervido.1810 – die on the scaffold but Domingo Murillo, Basilio Catacora , Buenaventura Bueno, Melchor Jiménez, dark barns, Juan Antonio Figueroa, Apolinar Jaén, Gregorio Lanza Y Juan Bautista Sagargana, martyrs of the independence of Bolivia.1817 – the French naturalist wise arrives in Buenos Aires Amado Bonpland, travel companion German naturalist Alejandro de Humboldt.1853 – get married at the Palace of the Tuileries in Paris, Napoleon III and Eugenia de Montijo.1924 – explodes in Santa Clara, Cuba, a revolutionary movement which was controlled within a week after bloody combates.1934 – Large number of buildings in Acapulco suffer the consequences of a terremoto.1963 – the French veto prevents that Britain enters the market common Europeo.1963 – Panama denounces before the Organization of American States aggression norteamericana.1973 – States USA, Soviet Union and 17 other nations agree to meet in Vienna to try to reach an agreement on the reduction of armed forces in Europa.1990 – Erich Honecker, ousted leader of the Communist Party of East Germany is arrestado.1991 – Iraq Announces that pilot captured American, who had been used as a human shield, had died in bombing of Baghdad. The South African political rivals meet Mengouthu Buthelezi and Nelson Mandela for the first time in 30 anos.1995 – two Peruvian helicopters are shot down and seven individuals lose their lives; Ecuador accused Peru of mounting a massive offensive in a disputed area of the frontera.1997 – Pakistan’s Supreme Court confirms the order to depose the Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto and orders new holding elecciones.1999 – Ecuador prohibits the oil exploitation, mining and lumber and the colonization of a forest amazonica.2000 zone – a 32-year-old housewife is the first woman in Egypt to submit petition for divorce, then that entry into force of a new and controversial law that does not require that the woman & (e) that it was subjected to physical or psychological harm by their spouse. The law already gave man the right to divorce at any time and without court approval or other autoridad.2008 – armed individuals make more than 30 hostages in a Venezuelan Bank and retain them for more than one day. They finally fled in an ambulance, but they end up giving in.

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