translated from Spanish: Facebook wants to connect to Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram users

a report of The New York Times says that the founder and CEO of Facebook plans to allow the exchange of messages between applications Facebook Messenger, Instagram, and Whats App, thus connecting more than 2600 million accounts. Each Messenger would continue functioning independently, but according to The New York Times, Zuckerberg would have required that all use local encryption from the merger. The plan is to finish the integration at the end of this year or the beginning of 2020. It will be a daunting task for the company engineers, that should reset the three applications from the most basic levels of infrastructure. Zuckerberg hopes to keep captives to the users of the social network, which has been a brake on its growth after the scandals in which has been involved for the past years. Access to the huge installed base of users also will allow the company increase the audience for their ads and find ways to generate income through the Instagram and WhatsApp Messenger service. «That idea comes around in the head of the Executive since years ago and had so far been resisted by the founders of WhatsApp, who left the company last year.» We want to build the best possible messaging experience,»said the company in an official statement. «We are working on the encryption of our messaging products and considering ways to facilitate contact with friends and family between networks. As expected, there is much discussion and debate as we begin the long process that will require resolve details.» Encryption is the best argument in favor of this merger, which has been challenged by priori by users and specialists alike. In the case of users because many are kept aside from certain social networks to conscience or prefer to share their details Instagram instead of their phone numbers. and in the case of specialists in computer security, because the fusion of services could result in massive leaks of private messages with access to a single infrastructure. The technology of local encryption, which ensures that messages are only read by the sender and the receiver, is currently enabled by default only on WhatsApp. Facebook Messenger it is possible to enable it by activating the «Secret conversation» option, while in Instagram technology is not available. The initiative of the company was also criticized for his role in the distribution of false news, which has played a relevant role in the outcome of the elections in several countries of the world and even resulted in deaths. WhatsApp recently restricted the number of accounts to which it is possible to forward a message to try to control the spread of this information. In this note:

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