translated from Spanish: Guarequena Gutiérrez, the representative of recognized by Piñera guided

Through Twitter, President Sebastián Piñera recognized Guarequena Gutiérrez as representative of the National Assembly of Venezuela in Chile.
On Tuesday, Venezuela’s Parliament authorized the appointment of diplomatic representatives proposed by the self-proclaimed Chairman of the country, Juan Guaidó.
Designated diplomats will attend the ten American countries that recognized guided as a representative of the power Executive, instead of Nicolas Maduro.
Thus, President Manager appointed representatives – besides Chile–in Argentina, United States, Canada, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Honduras, Panama, Peru, and the Lima group, and it was adopted “unanimously”, said the Secretary of the legislative .
“Public servant” in social networks, the representative of the National Assembly of Venezuela in Chile describes himself as “Venezuelan exile in Santiago, Chile”, “focused on contributing to the rescue of democracy in Venezuela” and “public servant”.
Among his public activities, he has shared images of the massive manifestation of Venezuelans on January 23 at Plaza Baquedano and another photo where it appears in La Moneda after participating in a desk for the Venezuelan immigration to Chile, on 25 January.
“All together!, social organizations and political parties in favour of improving and provide processes that framed the status of all Venezuelans neatly! Grateful to Chile”, he wrote.
In that instance was a member of the Commission’s work, status of representative of democratic action, a party that is defined as a social democrat.
Another one of your messages, shared on January 26, repeated the slogans of the opposition that continues to Juan Guaidó: “cessation of encroachment”, Government of transition, free elections and humanitarian assistance.
In addition to Guarequena, as diplomatic representative of Venezuela in Argentina was named Elisa Trota deer; for United States Carlos Vecchio; for Canada Orlando Viera;  Humberto Calderón in Colombia; Mary Faria in Costa Rica; René de Sola Quintero in Ecuador and Claudio Sandoval in Honduras.

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