translated from Spanish: Hantavirus: confirmed new cases in Buenos Aires and Chubut

a new case of hantavirus was confirmed in the town of Chacabuco and already added eight in Buenos Aires territory, reported the Director of epidemiology for the province of Buenos Aires, Ivan Insua. It’s a young man of 20 years who remains hospitalized in intensive care in the hospital of infectious Dr. Francisco Javier Muñiz from the city of Buenos Aires and its status is “delicate”. As it transpired, the last weekend, the young man had attended Chacabuco Health Center because she had symptoms consistent with the hantavirus: said high fever, asthenia, decay, joint aches and mastalgia. With cases reported in San Pedro, Zarate, Navarro, San Andrés de Giles, Berisso, wolves and Castelli, where was the woman who died in La Plata, province of Buenos Aires adds eight patients with hantavirus. According to the information provided by the Ministry of health, the number of cases detected in Buenos Aires territory during the last few weeks is “within normal parameters” for this time of the year. They ensure, moreover, that it’s contagious outbreak that emerged in the town of Epuyen (Chubut) since it is different from “mouse human” and not “interpersonal” transmission. New case in Chubut-Chubut health authorities confirmed a new case of hantavirus in the Patagonian province. It is “one adult patient of the town of El Maitén, which remained under strict, supervised at home and subsequently derived to the Zonal Hospital isolation Esquel”. Thus, the number of positive cases there amounts to 31 people in the province where 11 fatalities were already registered. December 3 is declared the outbreak of the disease in the village of Epuyen.en this note:

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