translated from Spanish: BREAD Michoacan presents collective amparo by the theme of education

Michoacan.-the leadership of the national action party in conjunction with the parliamentary fraction presented a collective amparo against the Federal Government in the Judicial power of the Federation State and by the inability to resolve the conflict with the Michoacan Magisterium.
Oscar Escobar Ledesma, state leader of the PAN, said that at the request of citizens and business groups was determined to present officially an injunction that contribute to the resolution of the conflict and support to Michoacan the boys and girls who are entitled to the education.
«Today, we are presenting in this District Court, the collective amparo against the federal and State Governments for not having the capacity to resolve the conflict with teacher unions. Michoacan bread cannot be oblivious to this conflict. Our offices have reached people asking for help, because in this crisis, all were one harms».
State PAN leader pointed out that you between conflicts of power that have Governments and the national coordinator of education workers (CNTE), not to think of the damage caused to infants and productive sector.
«We are here today to demand that the children back to classes.» We seek an agreement that releases goods entrepreneurs, workers, farmers who are losing money that no one is going to return».
Escobar Ledesma appealed to the Government of the Republic, the State Executive and CNTE sensitivity to free roads, shopping malls and points that kept Thomas causing economic damage to different sectors.
«We do not agree either, that the federal Government prefer to blame others for his responsibility and not cares if Michoacan children lose the year or remain half.»
It convened to settle the dispute, prioritize the right workers and the Michoacan who deserve to live in better conditions.
‘If they can’t give us solutions as to give but let go over the rights of the Michoacan’, said.

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