translated from Spanish: DC does not give Truce to Undersecretary Luis Castillo: «We insist on the need for his resignation»

Despite the fact that the decision of the Minister Alejandro Madrid dismissed cover-up on the part of the current Assistant Secretary of welfare networks, Luis Castillo, in the Christian Democrats insist on pointing to the number 2 of the Ministry of S Avalanche for the role played in the death of the former President Eduardo Frei Montalva.
In fact, the President of the Phalanx, Fuad Chahín, called directly to President Sebastián Piñera by the «ethical responsibility» of the former medical director of the hospital of the Catholic University. «The permanence of an Undersecretary who fulfilled a role of information concealment is unsustainable,» he said.
In the same vein, Matías Walker, head of DC members Caucus, insisted that «the actions of the Catholic University and Luis Castillo is still reason for reproach for us».
«With regard to the case of the Assistant Secretary Castle, he never was the subject of a complaint by the party or the Frei family, the blame always was and still is political. Here is still called into question the responsibility of the Catholic University, student campus which President Frei Montalva was a pupil and also the Clinical Hospital of the UC to far from collaborating with the so-called public Carmen Frei, made from the Senate, to «background who had to deliver them, and on the contrary, they what they did was to hide them and that is a political responsibility that remains in the person of Deputy Minister Castle and why we insist on the need for his resignation», said.

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