translated from Spanish: Federico D’ Elía and a sad news for fans of «Los Simuladores»

in the last hours, an incredible news had moved to all fans of «Los Simuladores», the series created by Damián Szifron: the chance to bring the story to the cinema. The rumors emerged after an interview by Clarín to Alejandro Fiore, who plays the character of Pablo Lamponne, who generated expectations in social networks with their statements.» If I have to answer something is it would be before 2022. «Knowing Damian (Szifron), times, needs a year to write it, one for pre – produce it», said. However, nothing is so literal not everything is what it seems.» Friends, I hope not to disappoint them but there is nothing confirmed about the film, as I always say (and calculation that Ale – Fiore – wanted to say the same thing) we wanted to but there is no date or book or anything… just the desire to. «Hopefully we can make it at some point», communicated Federico D’ Elía, one of the protagonists, through his Twitter account.

The truth is that, after the tweet, dozens of people expressed the disappointment through memes and jokes. At least, there is hope that someday becomes a reality.

I know a group of people who solve all kinds of problems… – Anto… January 30, 2019 (@Antxnellx_) in this article: Federico D’ Elía Los Simuladores

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