translated from Spanish: Gisella sister spoke: “this unfortunate has dismembered my family”

by tenth ninth time in the year, came the worst News: another woman was murdered. In this case, it’s Gisella Solis Street, the dentist’s 47-year-old disappeared in La Plata 14 days ago and was found Tuesday buried on the edge of the black path, which connects Villa Elisa and Punta Lara. Once the family confirmed that it was she, Mariela, sister of the victim, spoke briefly to the press: “I have them to deliver the bad news to my family that we find to Gisella,” began.
“I wanted it to find living, that was my dream. But I found her dead. This wretched killed my sister, she dismembered to my family””on Facebook I got yesterday ‘I need divine help’ to find it, I got it but I found her dead,”lamented Mariela.Tras thank the work done by law enforcement personnel and the prosecutor Ana Medina, He went on to make an application to the media: “I need to protect my potatoes that are great. They don’t know the story, we are going to communicate. I need to ask them to please not join me more. This is a duel and a process that I have to do with my parents because I don’t want them to die”. “For its part, the head of the Buenos Aires, Fabián Perroni, provided few details about how he came to the area where the body was finally found:”phones, La Plata, Ensenada security cameras and all the municipalities where was Casimir analysed”.” Cameras that were analyzed brought us to this place that indicates that at a certain time something happened. I am not going to make much more. This place will be closed, the harrowings continue, we will look to see if there is any other element to kidnap”, added the Commissioner. In addition, he said that this Tuesday evening there will be autopsy which will unveil what was the cause of death. Not ruled out that the murderer worked only or with an accomplice.

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